Saesha Blue Ward is a Photography BA (Hons) graduate from Manchester, England specialising in documentary portraiture. Saesha studied at the University of Portsmouth from 2014-2017 and graduated with first class honours.


Solo exhibitions:
Mersey Paradise, Guildhall Graduate Award, Portsmouth, June-September 2017

Group exhibitions:
No. 28, Southsea, December 2015
Transient, Portsmouth, June 2017
Transient, London, June 2017
Revolv One Year, London, June-July 2018
Manchester Open, HOME, Manchester, January-March 2020

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Mersey Paradise, Trip Magazine, May 2017
Mersey Paradise, Source Magazine, May 2017
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IASDR 2019, Manchester, September 2019
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'Janet Hemingway: working on Covid-19 - and her farm', Financial Times, June 2020

'From waste to taste: the art of recycled ceramic tableware', Financial Times, September 2020

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